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Active Harmonic Filters

Unicorn offers one-stop solution for HT Consumers towards Harmonics Compensation. This help the HT-1 and HT- III consumers to limit their harmonics dumping within CEA limits and get rid of compensation charges from Utility supplier.

The rating (size) of this Active Harmonic Filter is based on nonlinear load requirements (corrective current). That means that you can install this product at a reduced ampere rating, which will lower initial capital costs

Product Highlights:
  • Injects equal and opposite Harmonic currents from 3rd – 31st
  • Response Time upto 300 micro Secs
  • 25 – 200A ratings 3 and 4 wire
  • Voltage ratings 208 – 480 – 50/60Hz
  • Straightforward installation as retro-fit with minimal down time
  • Reduces THD to less than 5% to meet stringent IEEE 519, CEA and G5/4 Standards.

To help protect customer’s investments in power supply chain equipment, Unicorn’s uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) solutions are future-proof, so that today’s UPS decision can be the cornerstone for tomorrow’s Micro Grid.