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DC Chargers / Power Supplies
The role of technology in powering the world’s economy cannot be overlooked – nor can the systems that power and protect their vital operations. As the trend in technology-reliance grows by leaps and bounds, Unicorn is there to provide vital support to such technology-enabled services. HBL’s DC power supplies and chargers not only offer latest technology, but guarantee high reliability and versatility as well.
HBL Battery Charger and DC power supplies use Thyristor / IGBT switching principle for achieving the desired DC output. They are available in a wide range of standard and customised models and are designed for low maintenance and remote operation.
Features :
Extensive Range :   Available in a wide range of standard and customised models in voltage outputs up to 500V DC and current outputs up to 2000 Amps.
Versatility :   HBL chargers and DC systems find usage in variety of applications such as Process Control, telecommunications, Emergency Lighting, Switch Gear protection, Engine starting and Power Station Control, to mention a few.
Minimal Maintenance :   Designed for low maintenance and remote operation, HBL Battery Charger can work for many years, without any special attention.
User Friendly :   Cautiously conceived alarms and annunciations, easily accessible component layout and easy availability of spare parts enable the users to quickly attend to the equipment, in the unlikely event of a fault arising in the HBL Battery Charger.
Integrated Power Supply System
HBL introduced India's first Integrated Power Supply System in 1999 to help provide reliable & continuous power at the lowest cost considering both capital & maintenance. With backup from a single battery, IPS ensures power availability of all voltages, AC or DC, for all the S&T loads in yard obviating the need for independent UPS for each yard element.
Features & Benefits :
arrow   Simplified, Centrally located, with remote alarm panel.
arrow   Design flexibility with n+1 redundancy and parallel operation.
arrow   High efficient, high power and low THD.
arrow   Lightweight, portable, compact installation and easy monitoring.
arrow   Easy interchangeability of power supplies.
arrow   Can increase capacity by adding modules (Modular Design).
Product Range :
arrow   IPS : 0.5 KVA – 5 KVA.
arrow   Charging cum Regenerative discharger : 12V – 10A to 300V – 200A.
arrow   SMRS : Std module 110V – 20A expanded in multiples of 20A.
arrow   Inverter : 0.5 KVA – 5 KVA.
arrow   CVTS : 0.5 KVA – 5 KVA.
arrow   DC - DC Converters : 2V /0.5A – 110V/10A, 2V/0.5A – 80V/1A, 24V/10A – 6, 2V-80V – 10 A.
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