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Active Harmonic Filters
Unicorn offers one stop solution for HT Consumers towards Harmonics Compensation. This help the HT-1 and HT- III consumers to limit their harmonics dumping within CEA limits and get rid of compensation charges from Utility supplier.

With other harmonic mitigation solutions, expensive and time-consuming site data collection, power quality surveys and computer generated studies are usually needed. Most harmonic filters are designed to accommodate just one or a few harmonic orders. The Active Harmonic Filter corrects a full range of harmonic order, and will not create a resonance condition with other existing equipment, so only minimal up-front analysis is required. This product can be Easily and conveniently added in parallel with other active filters, to accommodate future facility expansions or equipment additions. Virtually no time is lost for installation, supporting the important uptime operation of your facility.

The rating (size) of this Active Harmonic Filter is based on nonlinear load requirements (corrective current), not both linear and nonlinear, like traditional filter equipment. That means that you can install this product at a reduced ampere rating, which will lower initial capital costs.

Active harmonic filters use power electronics to monitor the nonlinear load and dynamically correct every harmonic order from the 3rd to 31st. Additionally this product has been performance tested to the 51st harmonic order, and will operate in a resonance condition, maintaining consistent, maximum performance. By injecting a compensating current into the load, the sine wave is restored, and distortion is dramatically reduced to less than 5% THD.
Product Highlights:
arrow   Injects equal and opposite Harmonic currents from 3rd – 31st
arrow   Response Time upto 300 micro Secs
arrow   25 – 200A ratings 3 and 4 wire
arrow   Voltage ratings 208 – 480 – 50/60Hz
arrow   Straightforward installation as retro-fit with minimal down time
arrow   Reduces THD to less than 5% to meet stringent IEEE 519, CEA and G5/4 Standards
Solutions Methodology:
  Our Harmonics Compensation Solution comprise a methodology that comprise the following steps:
arrow   Harmonics Audit & Assessment
arrow   Product Identification and Customisation
arrow   Supply
arrow   I & C of Harmonic Filters
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