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Solutions for Harmonics Compensation
Unicorn offers one stop solutions for HT Consumers towards Harmonics Compensation. This help the HT-1 and HT- III consumers to limit their harmonics dumping within CEA limits and get rid of compensation charges from Utility supplier.
Our Solution Comprise:
arrow   Harmonics Audit.
arrow   Assessment.
arrow   Design.
arrow   Supply.
arrow   I&C of Harmonic Filters.
Features & Benefits:
arrow   Get rid of the Compensation charges on Utility.
arrow   Dramatically improves power quality.
arrow   Eliminate all harmonic currents from non-linear loads.
arrow   Compensate reactive low power factor in non-linear loads.
arrow   Improve overall power distribution system efficiency, decreasing operating costs.
arrow   Reduces over loading of cable, motors and transformers.
arrow   Injects equal and opposite Harmonic currents from 3rd – 31st.
arrow   25 – 600A ratings 3 and 4 wire and Parallel options for higher current requirements.
arrow   Voltage ratings 208 – 480 – 50/60Hz.
arrow   Straightforward installation as retro-fit with minimal down time.
arrow   Reduces THD to less than 5% to meet stringent IEEE 519, CEA and G5/4 Standards.
Our harmonics compensation solution comprises a Comprehensive Harmonic Audit of the facility power system, analysis and assessment of the harmonic limit of the facility and Design and Supply of Harmonics Compensation Systems such as Harmonic Filters etc.

Harmonics audit help assessment of harmonics at PPC/MPCC level of the facility and will be analysed against CAE regulations. Our harmonics assessments verify the Harmonics in Power System – Causes, Effects and devise high level Mitigating measures. A harmonic analysis involves the use of advanced software in the backend to identify and predict potential harmonic problems and mitigation techniques. The study will also look at different operating points as well as system Changes that might occur in the future.

Above analysis will help our application engineers to design the right solution for compensating your harmonics dumping beyond CEA limits. The Active Harmonic Filter concept uses power electronics to introduce current components, which cancel the harmonic components of the non-linear loads. A number of different topologies are being proposed like Series, Parallel and Hybrid Filters. Within each topology there are issues of required component’s ratings and method of rating the overall filter for the loads to be compensated that our design engineer to tackle.

No single solution offers a perfect match for all applications and grid conditions. To achieve the optimum mitigation solution, several parameters have to be considered.
Our solutions are worked around four key parameter groups via:
arrow   Grid conditions.
arrow   Application.
arrow   Compliance with standards.
arrow   Cost.
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