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Speciality Sectors
Designed for long term maintenance free operations, our solutions for the Speciality Sectors symbolise our commitment on technology, manageability, energy savings, environmental sustainability and fastest ROI. A wide spectrum of industries will benefit as our stationery or dynamic emission control solutions evolve into models of excellence and influence practices industry-wide.
Our Speciality Sectors are :
arrow   Emission Control Systems.
arrow   Ventilation Solutions.
arrow   Acoustic Systems.
Emission Control
From the development of emission control solutions and services to their delivery, installation and implementation Unicorn has embarked on a journey to identify and understand its relationship to society and the environment.
Our Emission control product portfolio comprises:
arrow   Flue Gas De-Contamination Scrubber.
arrow   Oxidation Catalytic Convertor.
Flue Gas De-Contamination Scrubber is a dynamic emission control system is of great utility in treating the flue gas discharged by the DG Sets and other machineries. These effluents are abated in the process taking place within the FGDC Scrubber by way of oxidation, absorption, adsorption, filtration, dissolution etc. Scrubber uses the natural process of re-circulating the water and decontaminating the air - essentially the same process that occurs during a rainstorm, but made more efficient by technology and engineering.
Oxidation Catalytic Convertor is a static emission control mechanism based precious metal and base metal oxidation and reduction catalysts and filter technologies. Oxidations cum particulate filtering Catalytic Converters are designed to offer substantial reduction of CO, NMHC, NOX, PM, HAPs & VOCs. The Catalytic Convertor is working on Oxidation Principle with partial regenerative filtering equipped with poison bed / honeycomb filtration technology.
Ventilation Solutions
Our ventilation systems are of modular in construction and embody a multitude of features of proved techno-functional efficiency. Each of such systems effectively combines aesthetics, functional utility, and operational efficiency.
Design involves positioning of air inlet, ventilation and air outlet openings, selection of louvers and screening within the acoustic threshold and calculation of air flow restriction towards the machineries. Our industry experts design a perfect balance between the ventilation requirements of the sets as well as noise reduction.
A ventilation design involves various factors like heat rejection by the machine to the atmosphere, combustion/process air requirement and cooling air requirement of the machinery, swap volume of the air inside the plant room, maximum temperature raise etc. Various ventilation methodologies are adopted as per the specific site requirements like Forced Draft Ventilation, Induced Draft Ventilation etc to ensure optimum performance of the machines. Louver design also involves various aspects in the site like humidity, dust pollution, ingress protection etc. Unicorn’s prototypical ventilation design makes use of the Air Washers for effective ventilation and cooling of the machines in low humid areas.
Acoustic Systems
We offer variety of Noise Control solutions for meeting increasingly stringent Noise regulations by major air quality jurisdictions. We are able to provide specialized knowledge to help you keep your plant in compliance. At Unicorn, we recognize that unless your noise solution is engineered with the knowledge of the exact requirements of your machinery and facility it can cost on environmental and statutory impacts, because pollutants are inevitable, but pollution is not.
To cater to technological demands of diverse sectors and industries, tremendous engineering inroads are gone into the design aspects of our products, where our Acoustics solution of DG sets instil a perfect equilibrium of DG set performance and noise reduction.
  Unicorn Power - Changing the Conventions
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Unicorn Power - Changing the Conventions
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